Construction advantages
House Factory

HOUSE FACTORY's wooden prefabricated houses are at the best prices on the market and by a large margin more economical than conventional or other constructions. In addition, the cost of paying EFKA taxes is significantly lower compared to the rest of the constructions. Also, the maintenance cost of the building is minimal as all that is needed is a repainting of the exterior of the building every 10-15 years.

The high rate of thermal insulation that HOUSE FACTORY achieves in all its constructions allows you to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer with minimal energy consumption. You thus save energy costs from 25% to 45% compared to other conventional constructions.

HOUSE FACTORY's wooden constructions have a low heat capacity, this means that the amount of heat that needs to be absorbed by the wood is very small, so that then the interior of the house starts to heat up and thus the wooden house heats up much faster than that the house is made of concrete, stone or metal. For example, when external temperature conditions prevail from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius, a house of 100 sq.m. of HOUSE FACTORY needs 2 hours of heating to reach an internal temperature of 24 degrees Celsius compared to a house made of concrete, stone or metal which takes 24 hours.

The insulating properties of wood are 90% higher than concrete, 700% higher than iron and 2000% higher than aluminum. The very good thermal insulating properties of wood are due to the many fibrous cells that enclose small amounts of still air. The good thermal insulation of wood works in reverse in the summer and thus maintains a cool indoor environment without requiring the use of air conditioners.

With the constructions of HOUSE FACTORY, additional construction is gained because:

  • The square meters occupied by the walls do not count towards the total construction, based on the New Building Regulations (NOK), because our masonry consists of recyclable materials
  • Our constructions that are energy class A+ are rewarded with 5% extra construction, based on the New Building Regulation (NOK)

The completion speed of the HOUSE FACTORY constructions is comparatively lower compared to the rest of the constructions. The fast delivery of the building allows you to start using and exploiting your investment sooner.

The low weight and high mechanical strength of HOUSE FACTORY's wooden buildings, combined with their high level of elasticity, make them particularly resistant during earthquakes, because they can and do dampen a large percentage of the vibration forces caused by earthquakes in buildings thus offering you the greatest possible anti-seismic protection that a building can have.

The great safety of our wooden buildings during earthquakes also lies in the fact that wood is the lightest material of all others.

HOUSE FACTORY's wooden buildings have great fire protection because they can withstand large fires with temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius and for a prolonged period of time without igniting. This protection increases even more when there is not enough oxygen in the hearth of the fire

Our wooden structures are made of solid materials that offer high mechanical strength similar to conventional structures. In addition, the wooden parts of our constructions do not come into direct contact with weather conditions (moisture, wind, sun) due to the fact that they are completely covered by thermal facades and insulation and thus essentially have unlimited time resistance.

The aesthetic configuration possibilities of our constructions are the same as those of conventional construction. Our building flexibility enables us to realize even the most difficult architectural designs. Without much difficulty we can carry out changes, modifications or extensions to the existing structure. In cases of lack of budget or because new needs arise, construction can be gradually expanded.

HOUSE FACTORY's wooden constructions offer you a healthy living space because they are made of natural materials, without toxic substances. With their ability to regulate temperature and humidity, they create a comfortable and pleasant environment inside the building that relaxes, rests and has a bioenergetic effect on the human body. They greatly reduce the development of electrostatic energy and prevent the accumulation of dust, offering a healthy environment that is particularly important in the prevention of diseases of the respiratory system.